Wedding Gown + Wedding Planning


The painstaking efforts for a beautiful wedding are all reflected in the stunning wedding gown and accessories, wedding theme and venue, and of course the menu and the dancing. Sounds easy? It's actually the grunt work that makes a go of the wedding, and the bride's dress reveals all.

Wedding Planning

Planning for the wedding starts with the selection of the wedding day; it is usually a date that is meaningful for the engaged couple. Once the date has been finalized, the budget becomes the central concern for the major actors of the wedding. The bride visualizes the wedding gown, and the groom wants the best wedding within budget.

If you are one of the lucky few with unrestricted budget, you can hire a wedding planner to manage all the details of the wedding plans. But even then, you and your partner still have to select your bridal finery and wedding gown, groomsmen and bridesmaids and their gifts, venue of the reception, guests, menu, and the music for the wedding party to give the wedding your personal touch.

If you cannot afford a wedding planner, sit down with your partner and divide the work between yourselves. Parcel out other tasks to family members to keep the wheels of the wedding preparations running on full gear - from preparing the invitations, finalizing arrangements for the officiating minister, and the party venue.

Do not, however, delegate the selection of the menu, photographer, and the wedding cake because these are the critical aspects of the wedding planning.


The Wedding Gown

If you already have a vision of your wedding gown, you'll likely plan the theme of the wedding around it. Or, you and your can partner decide that the theme should be related to your romance like a garden wedding for your shared passion for the outdoors, or a beach wedding to celebrate how you met. These are just a few examples of wedding themes.

For the traditional wedding, a princess gown of cathedral length and fashioned from tulle and lace and personalized with intricate beadwork is perfect. Whether you bare your back or shoulders, you will always be on track. It's a matter of making your princess dreams come true with a wedding gown that is everything you've dreamed about.

If you have decided on an outdoor wedding, you can experiment with Bali prints or go for the Greek goddess look and try non-traditional wedding colors for your wedding gown. Everything will be color-coordinated from heirloom jewelry to the floral bouquet to the table setting, formal or informal.

The wedding gown should be chosen for the following reasons:

* It looks perfect from all angles.

* Flatters your figure.

* Hides the flaws.

* Within budget.

Bridal shops are ready to provide you the assistance you need to choose the perfect wedding gown, whether it's customized, off-the-rack, or rented.

A carefully selected gown reflects the thorough preparation for the wedding. The bride makes sure that the gown is central to the theme and everything keeps in perfect harmony with the wedding gown - jewelry, accessories, wedding decorations, and wedding cake.

With a hurried selection, you will endure an ill-fitting wedding gown that mars all efforts to the wedding preparations. Instead of a happy bride, you'll be the year's crankiest bride ever - so much for the princes bride dreams.
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Wedding Gown + Wedding Planning
Wedding Gown + Wedding Planning
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