Wedding Gown .. Modest Style


If you've set foot inside of a formalwear department store or a nationwide bridal retailer lately, you know how difficult it is to find wedding and bridesmaids gowns that come anywhere close to satisfying higher standards of modesty. Modest brides need to eliminate a lot of dresses from the running at first glance. So how do they select the best one from the remaining acceptable choices?

Contrary to what a lot of fashion designers seem to think, there are thousands of flattering styles and designs of modest gowns for brides and bridesmaids. It all depends on your budget, your colors and theme, and of course your body type. Learn which modest fit you best and how to find a gown that is both modest and stylish. Then pair them with just the right veil, shoes, and accessories to wrap it all together into your perfect bridal ensemble for you.

Even in the dead of winter, it's truly difficult to find even one in the formalwear or bridal section of most retailers. Most women's formalwear is strapless or backless with a plunging neckline. The irony is that dresses with a little more coverage are actually more flattering for the majority of body types out there! Regardless of whether or not it makes sense, the fact is that any bride is going to have a difficult time finding a gown - so she might as well know what to do about the situation.


Specialty Stores

LDS brides who live in areas with a large concentration of other Latter-day Saints usually have an easier time finding LDS Gowns that suit them for their Mormon. Specialty LDS retailers cater solely to Mormon brides who don't want to bend their standards of modesty for their LDS Temple day. Even brides who don't live in Utah but want to chose from a selection of LDS Gowns often make a special LDS dress shopping trip to Provo or Salt Lake City. That extra expense of the travel cost must be added to and incuded in their LDS dress budget.

Online Formalwear Retailers

Even if you live in an area with little modest selection and don't want to travel, you're not completely out of luck. The Internet can be your best friend in shopping. LDS specialty stores may physically reside in Utah and Idaho, but they have an online presence everywhere in the world. Regular formalwear stores also have a larger selection online than you see in the showroom, so you may want to check those out, too to find more LDS Gowns to choose from for the perfect one.

Chain Formal and Bridal Stores

Don't discount the possibility of finding a dress at a non-LDS formalwear or bridal store. You may luck out and fall in love with a modest wedding gown that they carry, or you may find a gown that can be altered for modesty by adding sleeves or a chemise underneath. Talk to the salespeople about your needs and see if they can help you. It may be that they carry "less popular" dresses with sleeves in the warehouse and just need to order them in your size.
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Wedding Gown .. Modest Style
Wedding Gown .. Modest Style
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