Wedding Bridal Gown .. Alteration Tips

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Whether a bridal dress needs only minor adjustment or a major one, in almost every case, wedding dress alterations will be required to some extent. So it is imperative to give as much importance to its alteration, as to its selection itself.

Here are some tips which you may find useful:

1. Where to go: It is advisable to take the precious gown to somebody who has years of experience in restyling and alteration of gowns. Usually professional bridal alteration shops are the best option since they have the expertise and the experience.

2. Alternation work: There are mainly three types of alterations done – hemming, bodice alterations and shortening of sleeves. Normally based on three fittings. Proper scheduling for each fitting is important. Shoes, head dress and the other accessories should be bought well much in advance before going for alterations.

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3. Cost: The cost of altering it depends upon the style and the complexity of work. Obviously would cost a lot but it’s worth it. It is advisable for the bride to get an estimate of the total cost. Rush services generally cost double.

4. Deadline: The dress should be given for alterations at least 6 or 8 weeks before the day since it’s a complex and time consuming work. The deadline has to be there to complete the job.

You can always rely upon newly married friends to give you recommendations to help you choose the best bridal alternations shop. Word of mouth really helps. Alteration of a dress is a work of art, which requires a great deal of detailing and precision. Handing over the dress to some local tailor could be a fatal mistake. [via]
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Wedding Bridal Gown .. Alteration Tips
Wedding Bridal Gown .. Alteration Tips
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