Flawless Celtic Wedding Gown

Synthia (Isla) Scottish wedding dress, made of tartan silk

Wedding day is the most eagerly awaited day in one's life when you tie the knot with your better half. It is the day when you want to look the best. People gather, bless you and praise you. A perfect dress for the bride and the groom, dresses complementing each other on that special day is what you want.

Celtic people were originally from Europe. The Irish, Scottish, Welsh and the Europeans follow the Celtic tradition. Their tradition is rich in luck symbols, art, crafts. Their wedding signifies love and lifetime commitment. In ancient times, the Celts used to dress up in colorful gowns and kilts. They had their traditional dresses, but at present Celtic dresses are designed by professional designers for ceremonies. Let me now present you the best designer Celtic dresses for both bride and the groom.

Rich in color, fabric, trimming and embellishments. Can be informal, formal, an elegant one-piece style or a simple dress overhung by a silk linen. For the bride, it is usually a full gown with unique boutique designs works. Have lots of fabric work on the sleeves and neckline and can be made up of fabrics like silk, lace, satin, cotton or velvet. They can either be ornamented with heavy decorations or can be simple and sleek. The gown can also have a head band decorated with flowers and frills. For a Celtic wedding, the groom should also have a similar garb. For the groom the dress can be formal with tunic pants and a shirt with full sleeves and a bold collared neck. A velvet coat, waist coat or a jacket with a silken neck tie and broad leather belt will add glamor to the attire. If the groom wants a traditional Celtic outfit, then it should be a bright colored silken or velvet long cloak, breeches or long sleeved tunics, kilts, tartan and sporran, ornamented with bright designs.


Today brides and grooms want to try out different Celtic patterns on their ceremony in summer or winter. A summer costume for a bride can be a simple gown with shades of light hues. It can be strapless or sleeveless or short sleeved, decorated with simple laces. The gown can also have an open plunging back with satin or corset black laces. An informal bridal wear can be a smooth flowing fabric, sleek and stylish. It can also be strapless or with spaghetti straps or sleeves. While for grooms, it is also a light and modest outfit. Light coats with loose pants is the ideal choice. A good cut shirt with a traditional touch will sprinkle elegance on the attire. These were some the modern which are in vogue today.

The Irish Celtic dresses have the theme of romanticism and ethereal beauty. The gowns are usually decorated with spectacular designs. White color with silver design is one of the best combinations. The gowns are usually very long, full sleeved, loosely hung with a perfect cut. The veils are also knitted with laces and embroidery work. Sometimes a silken cloak from back of the jacket or a decorated stole adds beauty to the gown. Irish bridal gowns are superbly elegant.

Celtic-inspired Wedding Gown

The Scottish dresses also have the Celtic theme in them but the 21st century outfits are very modern, stylish and fashionable. The traditional Scottish bridal gowns are white, simple and modest while the modern Scottish gowns can be off shoulder, low neck cut, sleeveless or full sleeved, depending on the requirement of the bride and the design best suiting her. They can be tight fitting on the bodice then have a loose cut flowing till the end or have a lovely empire type bodice. [via]
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Flawless Celtic Wedding Gown
Flawless Celtic Wedding Gown
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