Maternity Bridal Dress, Wedding Gown


You can select soft, floating styles which look very feminine. The base layers can be made from stretchy fabrics that can be flexible during your body changes. Your blossoming figure can be enhanced using lightweight fabrics as they flow over the curves. One can use embroidery on the bust or dresses that hang loosely from below the bust to take away the attention away from your belly. If you wish to have a lean, slender look, you can bring your dress length just below the knee.


If you would love to flaunt your bump, then sheaths which are more fitted and made from stretch silks are the best choice as the gowns. This will allow your natural curves to be visible and add to your confidence. When trying the gowns at the bridal shops, use paddings that will match the stage of your pregnancy on the day. This will help you get the exact idea on the look and whether the material will stretch according to your blossoming figure.

Bows and laces should be avoided as they can make you look huge. You may put your baby and yourself at risk if you clinch your gown at the waist into a boned dress. Avoid a dress which needs petticoats and has difficult closures, as you may require to use the bathroom often during pregnancy.


Designer styles like Italian, Empire, Renaissance or Titanic gowns are perfect for pregnant brides. There are many colors which you can choose for your a wedding gown, or you can go ahead with the traditional white dress. You should wear shoes with heels for your trial as the height of the heel affects the flow of your dress. Thus, it will help your determine the look and the way your dress will hand on your wedding day. [via]
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Maternity Bridal Dress, Wedding Gown
Maternity Bridal Dress, Wedding Gown
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