2nd Wedding Dress

Ivory Wedding Dress

When it comes to second wedding dresses, many brides prefer to buy a second hand bridal gown or may be rent one. This is mainly because they had already had their dream dress for their first day and this time, they just want to concentrate on the actual ceremony. Also, it is a great way of saving some extra money. However, having a second marriage does not mean that the bride has to compromise in any way.


Though it is usually associated with long, Princess cut dresses, you do not need to stick to this. On the other hand, you can experiment with different styles, cuts and patterns. However, you have to keep your age and body structure in mind while selecting. For instance, a frilly gown may not look great on an older bride. In such situations, there are other dresses to select, including simple frocks, long sleeved top with an A-line skirt, white suit and skirt, etc. It can be a floor length cocktail length or tee length dress which is either sleeveless or off shoulder. Whatever type you select, make sure that you feel comfortable in it.
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2nd Wedding Dress
2nd Wedding Dress
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