Wedding Gown, Daring Red

Wedding Dress Completely Red

The long white dress has been a symbol of brides since Victorian times. However, these days, more and more women are choosing to buck tradition, and wear a gown that better reflects their personal style. Why not be daring and wear a red instead?

Did you know that in China, red is the traditional color for brides, as it symbolizes good luck and it is believed to have the power to keep evil spirits at bay? So if a white gown is not your style, red is in fact a wonderfully auspicious color for a bride to wear. It is true that in American culture to wear a red will be taken as a statement of independence or breaking with tradition, so be prepared for some funny looks from the older generation.

There are some fabulous options for red. These can range from red evening gowns to special custom orders to classic dresses made in a red fabric. As with a regular white gown, the dress should be chosen to suit the time and place, as well as suiting the bride herself. One thing to watch out for when selecting a red gown is that it still feels "bridey" enough; in other words, you don't want to end up looking like a bridesmaid.

Wedding Gown ; Red Ruffles

Speaking of bridesmaids, what should they wear when the bride has a red gown? You will need to be careful to select a color that will look good with red during the ceremony and for the photographs. For an evening , black might be a nice choice for the attendants. The finished effect would be a very sophisticated bridal party. Another color that can be paired with a red is a rich purple. The red and purple together will look quite regal and royal, especially if done in a velvet for a winter . Or go for a total reversal, and have the bridesmaids dress in white to set off the bride's red gown. Whichever color you choose for your bridal party, you can have Swarovski crystal earrings made with a touch of red to tie everything together. [via]
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Wedding Gown, Daring Red
Wedding Gown, Daring Red
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