Design Own Wedding Dress

001.White Wedding Dress

Weddings are without a doubt some of the most glamorous and memorable occasions. It is therefore not surprising to see brides go into a frenzy trying to get a beautiful and unique dress to wear on their day. Most brides prefer to buy ready-made dresses. However, there are those who want their dresses to have a personal touch. Such brides often opt to make their own It is easier today for brides to design their own dress as they are under no obligation to follow most rules regarding the color, design and trains. You can then choose to design and then hand it over to a tailor to make or design it and make it yourself.

The first step a bride should take when designing is to consider the style she wants be it elegant, traditional, modern, sexy or classy. The bride should then turn to the smaller details. She should pick the desired color and ensure that he colour goes well with her skin colour and hair. A bride can create the perfect attire by getting different ideas from already existing ones. Brides can do this by visiting bridal shops and trying on different designs, colors and lengths to see which one would fit them best. It will also be an opportunity for them to find out the newest available trends.

After looking at the available designs and picking out details to incorporate into the dress, the brides should then go out to fabric stores or to the internet to get the fabric they will use to make their dress. If one does not like natural fabrics that easily wrinkle, they should opt for synthetic fabrics.


Once you design and the desired fabric has been picked, the work of stitching can now begin. It is a great idea to make a sample before embarking on the real dress to practice on making the dress. However, it is advisable that an experienced tailor be sort for the job to avoid any mishaps. To enhance , one may use crystals, embroidery, lace, beads and so on.

When designing one should make sure that the dress complements their body shape. Mermaid shaped are normally tight at the top but flare down at the bottom. A-line shaped are usually narrower at the top, work well with most figures and disguise the bottom heavy ones. Sheath dresses hug the body and have defined waists. They usually look good on people who are well toned. A ball gown, which comes with a full skirt and a fitted bodice, is good for hiding the less flattering places in one's figure. [via]
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Design Own Wedding Dress
Design Own Wedding Dress
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