Vintage Wedding Inspiration: The Roaring '20s

The 20's Vintage Wedding Gown

Vintage inspired weddings are always popular, and different eras come in and out of vogue as the decade of choice. Early 1960s cocktail party chic has been made extremely popular for receptions by the tv hit "Mad Men", and 1950's style tulle bridal gowns have been a top pick for designers over the last couple of seasons. To get in on the newest hot era to inspire , though, you will have to look a little further back. Get in on the fun with a Roaring '20s inspired wedding.

The 1920s have long held a fascination for anyone interested in great parties and outstanding fashion. They are a fantastic choice for a theme, as well, with lots of characteristics which are easy to incorporate into wedding attire and the reception. Take your guests back in time to the feeling of a speakeasy, complete with hot jazz, the Charleston, dapper gentlemen, flappers, and of course "bathtub gin" cocktails.

Begin your Roaring '20s inspired plans by picking out the perfect bridal ensemble. The ideal silhouette is a slender gown with a drop waist, made from layers of wispy chiffon. Pure bridal white would work of course, but also consider a gown in a slightly deeper shade, such as blush, taupe, or cream. The original flapper dresses were known for their exquisite beadwork and embroidery, so definitely seek a gown with special details. Ropes of pearl bridal jewelry are the perfect accessory, naturally. Pearl chandelier earrings would show beautifully with hair in a softly waved bob, whether it is real or faux (long hair pulled partly back). Chiffon dresses are also a must for the bridesmaids, in muted pale colors.

Long Lace Vintage Wedding Gown

There is no question that a live jazz band is required for any '20s inspired . You can definitely add to the fun of the party by hiring a couple of dance teachers to instruct guests on the traditional steps to dances like the Charleston. It will be so different than the standard d.j., and your guests are sure to have a great time out on the dance floor. As a bonus, this is music that can be enjoyed by all generations, unlike a d.j. playing only the latest "fist bumping" nightclub tracks.

Cocktails were a big part of the entertainment of the Prohibition Era. Gin based drinks were especially popular. You can treat your wedding guests to a taste of the era with signature cocktails with names like "Bathtub gin fizz". For the younger guests, whip up a batch of Shirley Temples and Rob Roys. Vodka based drinks were not popular in the 1920s, by the way, so keep that in mind when planning your signature drink menu. Champagne should be served in coupe cups, rather than tall flutes. Tastes in food have changed so much that most people do not bother trying to faithfully replicate a vintage menu, but do keep the meal elegant. A Roaring '20s wedding reception is not compatible with the comfort food trend that has been so hot for receptions recently.


As for the decor, think elegance and style. Art Deco was the reigning design style in the 1920s, so look for streamlined rental furniture in cool colors, beveled mirrors, and geometric cut crystal vases. Keep the color palette light: ice blue, silver, and white mixed with dark wood tones would be fantastic. Deco style lettering would be a very nice detail for the wedding invitations, menu cards, and place cards. Without a doubt, the Roaring 20s is one of the most chic and elegant vintage themes around.
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Vintage Wedding Inspiration: The Roaring '20s
Vintage Wedding Inspiration: The Roaring '20s
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