The Red Wedding Gown

Colorful Red Bridal Gown Ideas

Looking for your dreamy wedding gown ? Probably you will get lost and confused by hundreds of thousands of designs and styles. There may be some gowns silhouetted in your liked way, however, there are also some factors that you can’t really tell clearly, will prevent you from a good reason to buy.

You may want the deep V neck to be more modest but still bring you sexy effect; you may want the embroidery work spreads from waist to hemline, but not in the front center; you want the beads smaller but more sparkling; you may even think about adding sleeves to a strapless wedding gown and…How about if you could have a seamstress make with every details you dream? You need a unique gown for your big day!

Tips of Unique Design:


1. Make your gown colorful. If you like a style in white, try to change it to other colors, red , black and other colored are very popular now. If the dress is pure in one color, try to add some other colors to bust line, waistband, hemline or any place you think may show your character. A colorful gown will surely make you an unusual bride.

2. Get a short gown. Don’t want to pretend to be like a Cinderella or Snow White in your wedding? Shorten your dress and make yourself a fashionable hierarch.

3. Add sleeves in your wanted length for a strapless dress.

4. Remove/add decorations to the dress as dreamed.

5. Try another fabric for the dress, you may receive unbelievable effect. Just remember that taffeta is more shimmering and hard, satin is thick and modest, while chiffon is lightweight and floaty.

6. Combine style from different dresses into one gown.

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The Red Wedding Gown
The Red Wedding Gown
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