Prom Dress 2011 - Hairstyle, Mix and Match


Why give yourself a new hairstyle to match your gown, when you can do it the other way around? After all, your favorite hairstyle is your signature look. Here are some ideas for matching the hottest prom dresses 2011 to your hairstyle.

Above the Cut

Everyone has a favorite hairstyle, a tried and true coif that never lets you down. That's why getting a new haircut fills you with so much anxiety. You know the cut you've got looks good on you, so why change?

Of course, you can polish your usual look for your night out. But you don't have to alter it entirely to conform to a formal ensemble. Many girls make this mistake. They think a new gown requires a new hairdo. This is an untrue fashion don't.

Long & Straight or Tousled


If your hair is long and straight or tousled, I highly recommend a strapless and/or backless outfit. Many girls would kill to have long, lustrous hair cascading down their back. You should show it off. And you don't want anything to get in the way.

Long hair will obscure straps so why have them there to begin with? It's basically a waste of a design element. Not only that, but your tresses may actually get tangled in between or beneath the straps. Ouch!

You should also be careful of sequins, rhinestones, or other sharp decals. You could get tangled up in those too. You want smooth fabric with lots of room for your mane to swish around.

La Femme style #14589 is something you could wear. It is a long, smooth, strapless and partially backless satin and chiffon look. With a selection like this, you won't be forced to hide your pride and glory in an upsweep hairdo.

Short & Curly or Spiky

Short and curly or spiky hair is very hot and sexy. It makes a woman's neck look longer and highlights her shoulders. Without any locks in the way, you are free to wear many types of necklines.

Shorter hairstyles also look best with shorter dresses. A pixie cut will match well with the hottest prom dresses 2011 that are minis. A mini-chic haircut and miniskirt combo is a match made in heaven.

You also don't have to be concerned about getting caught up in sequins, rhinestones, or anything else. Precious Formals style #P5340 is something that would compliment you. It's a sterling silver sequined thigh-high sizzler.

The top portion is sleeveless and high-necked with a geometric cutout revealing the bustline. Square mother-of-pearl tiles create an Aztec pattern. The overall feel is lavish and foxy.

Light Or Dark Colored

To match the color of the fabric, follow one simple rule - light goes with light and dark goes with dark. Blonds will look terrific in light pink. And brunettes will look divine in black.

Sherri Hill style #1001 comes in pink and black. If you look at the pictures in the catalog, you will see this rule in action. It is totally obvious that one truly flatters the other.

The blond is softened by the lightness of the pink. While the brunette is dramatized by the exquisiteness of the black. If you try to imagine them reversed, you will be even more convinced.

I hope this advice saves you some time at the beauty parlor. Don't be a slave to fashion. Make one of the hottest prom dresses 2011 work for you!
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Prom Dress 2011 - Hairstyle, Mix and Match
Prom Dress 2011 - Hairstyle, Mix and Match
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