Hairstyles for Real People - Weddings and Proms


The book entitled "Hairstyles for Real People: Weddings and Proms" is Volume 20 in a series of hairstyles books for hair salons. It has many pictures of men, women, and children at proms and weddings.

It is 128 pages full of color as well as black-and-white pictures. The book is 9 x 11" and its pics range from full-size (about 8 x 10") to small (about 3 x 4"). Most hairstyles are shown from a few angles (front and side or back).

The styles are dated but there is surprisingly no date in the front of the book with the copyright credits and publisher information. However, it appears as if the photos were taken in the 1980s or 1990s.

Is that a problem? Is this book too old to be useful today? No, not at all. If the category was anything other than formal hairstyles for proms or weddings, then the styles would definitely be too old and out of date. But wedding hairstyles and prom hairstyles are usually timeless classics that you can't necessarily pin to a certain decade or era.

Unfortunately, there are no how-to instructions for each hairstyle. It is more like a catalog because each page is just pictures. However, the book comes with a 12-page insert, which does have some instructions, although brief, with only three steps per style.

The pictures appear to be wedding pictures and prom pictures shot in a studio, so the quality is high. It's a good way to imagine how your own pictures could look. Most photos offered nowadays on beauty sites and in bridal magazines weren't shot in a studio in the same way as the best kind which are created with perfect lighting to frame and give to family and friends.

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"Hairstyles for Real People: Weddings and Proms" isn't very expensive but if you need a break from viewing wedding hairstyles online, and want actual pictures in print--ones that aren't flimsy like in wedding magazines--which is actually a refreshing change, you might enjoy it. The book can be found at used bookstores sometimes through and makes a good addition to the library of every wedding hairstylist.
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Hairstyles for Real People - Weddings and Proms
Hairstyles for Real People - Weddings and Proms
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