Enjoy a Classic Wedding With a Black and White Wedding Theme

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Choice of colours can make the most striking style statement especially at weddings. Planning with black and white ideas is not only elegant and classic but also adds a retro feel to the entire event.

A black and white was especially popular in the 1940s which is considered today to be the 'art deco' era. This then uses a white decor and bold black with the unexpected burst of colour all through out the room, thus attracting attention to the theme.

In case you are planning to host with its theme colour as black and white, then you can incorporate the following ideas:


When a plan is being decided upon, then the actual mood and theme for the event is built with the wedding invitations. So, in case the theme of black and white, then the invitations should also be of the same theme.

You can opt for vintage styled invites that have a texture of black and white. Go about doing it by choosing an accent colour first. Ensure that all the other writing on the invite is done in black except for the names of the couple which should be written in the accent colour.


You can also leave a note on the invite for the guests mentioning the theme of being black and white and also that the dress code is the same.


To set the mood for a black and white theme, get the door of the venue planned in similar colours. Ensure that the door is not just in black and white, but it also matches the art deco and also successfully achieves a retro feel which this theme promises to create.

Do not choose frilly table settings. Rather, opt for something that is minimalistic with sharp lines. You can further choose wrought irons or black painted lacquered woods as the table centrepieces. You can also have white table cloths with black napkins. Use flowers which are white accented with black ribbons to add elegance to the selected theme.

Thus, with the above mentioned details, you can successfully plan with a theme that will add the whole classic, elegant and retro feel to the occasion.
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Enjoy a Classic Wedding With a Black and White Wedding Theme
Enjoy a Classic Wedding With a Black and White Wedding Theme
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