Why Male Celebrity Hairstyles Are Not Big Attention Grabbers


Male celebrity hairstyles generally do not elicit the same kind of attention as do the ones that their female counterparts sport but nevertheless these hairstyles still will attract quite a lot of attention. If you check out what male celebrities are sporting these days, you will notice a few celebrities have chosen to wear their hair in a very unusual style.

However, when it comes to evaluating male celebrity hairstyles, there is bound to be much debate as many people can love a particular hairstyle while others will simply detest the same one. If a magazine is going gaga over the hairstyle, the people at entertainment news programs will perhaps be hating it. Whats more, men just cannot elicit the same level of interest in their hairstyles as do women celebrities.

Part of the reason why male celebrity hairstyles are not so hot is because men wear the same kind of clothes including the ubiquitous tuxedo and black shoes that hardly raise any eyebrows. However, a man can look much more distinguished if he sports the right hairstyle. It is therefore a good idea to look at some of the hairstyles that have made male celebrities stand out from the rest.

George Clooney has experimented with his hairstyles and has worn everything from sexy wavy to casual to even a Caesar style. His hairstyles always seem to be greeted with much fanfare on account of the fact that he is considered to be among the sexiest males in America.

Justin Timberlake is another male celebrity whose hairstyles have attracted a lot of attention. His curly locks have been well loved and his fohawk (short for faux hawk) is another hairstyle that has attracted attention from his fans.

Brad Pitt is a well loved male celebrity and though his hairstyles have not changed much over the years, they are still attention grabbing nevertheless. He looks great with short and spiky and youthfully cut hair though when he wears his hair long in straggly locks he does cut a dashing figure.

Orlando Bloom has a nice hairstyle and in fact his thick as well as wavy hair lends it well to many different hairstyles. He looked good with a long mane that he sported for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean and his short boyish do was also quite sexy.[via]
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Why Male Celebrity Hairstyles Are Not Big Attention Grabbers
Why Male Celebrity Hairstyles Are Not Big Attention Grabbers
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