The Wedding Shoes ; Choosing Comfort Without Sacrificing Style

Bride and Wedding Shoes

One of the most important accessories to a bride’s wedding gown is her shoes. It is important for the bride to look her best from head to toe. To find that perfect pair , select shoes that are stylish and yet, comfortable. Comfort is of utmost importance as the bride will be standing on her feet for hours or dancing the night away. It may be a worthy investment to buy high end brands such as Jimmy Choo, Vera Wang, Prada, Stuart Weitzman, Fendi, Kate Spade, which are much better made with higher quality materials.

Even though these quality are higher priced, it is worth the investment. You can always check online for sales & discounts; include department stores sales. Comfort brands such as Naturalizer or Easy Spirit also have some very stylish and elegant shoes and are not as expensive.

Manolo Blahnik ; Wedding Shoes

In selecting the style for your wedding , don't let it overshadow your bridal gown, the footwear with sparkle and embellishment will complement a simple dress, while a basic will complement an elaborate gown. It is best to buy your bridal gown first before purchasing. The fabric choice is an important consideration and should be compatible with your gown. Shoe fabrics may include satin, silk, velvet and lace.

Another major decision centers on the selection of high heel , low heel ones or a flat one. Low heeled could be your best choice if you are taller than your groom, if you are having an outdoor wedding or a wedding on the beach. If you don't want too much height, bridal flats and low heeled that range from beaded flats to elegant low heeled dyeable are available for your choosing. The slip-ons are an excellent choice as they look classy and can be decorated with rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, synthetic ruby and other semi precious gems. Many brides opt for the elegance and sophistication of a pair of high heeled on their wedding day.

Platform Wedding Shoes

It does make the simplest wedding gown look beautiful and glamorous. If a pair of high heeled is your choice, then be sure to get a comfortable fit. It will be a good idea to break a couple of weeks before the wedding by wearing it indoor every day for an hour or two. Also, you may use a shoe pad or cushion to prevent slipping, shifting, rubbing and chafing of your feet. An alternative to the high heel for brides that feels uncomfortable with them would be the wedge. This type does provide more stability and evens out the pressure on each foot. A platform insole may provide comfort and be another alternative to the high heel . This goes inside and makes the bride look taller.

These days, many brides have strayed away from the traditional whites and ivories to almost any colour for their shoes. They are dyeing their shoes to coordinate it with the color of their wedding gown. After dyeing them, it will be a good idea to use a water repellent spray to prevent running and staining from moisture. Warm metallic colors, such as gold or bronze, can also be considered. Metallic colors continue to be an extremely popular choice, especially if one is getting married in the autumn or winter months. Sequins, bows and other glitzy adornments all add to the femininity of the bride and make the bride truly stand out. [via]
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The Wedding Shoes ; Choosing Comfort Without Sacrificing Style
The Wedding Shoes ; Choosing Comfort Without Sacrificing Style
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