Shipwreck Wedding Pictures !


Bridal Hairstyle


Vintage milk shipping crates that looked as if they had washed upon the shore were turned onto their sides and filled with messages in a bottle. Each bottle had the name of the guest tied around it and inside was a map leading the guest to their table with a warm ‘we treasure your friendship’ message, hand written by calligrapher Laura Hooper.

Vera Wang Bridal Gown

The GORGEOUS hair and makeup was by Jaimi at Fiore Beauty. She is my go-to girl if you want to look picture perfect - plus she is just the sweetest! Really can’t recommend Jaimi more. Pretty bohemian headpiece by the lovely Lo of Lo Boheme. I also just love the Vera Wang gowns Tam from Stylish Silhouette selected for our bride and the great jewelry selections.
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Shipwreck Wedding Pictures !
Shipwreck Wedding Pictures !
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