The Sci-Fi Wedding Dress - No One Will Ever Forget Your Wedding

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More and more women are getting hip to one of life's most important secrets: Dating the Big Man on Campus only gets you heartache and mediocre bedroom skills - at best. A good nerd, however, really knows how to treat a lady. Thus the upswing in interest in science fiction-themed weddings: Make your wonderful geek happy on this day, and he'll make you happy for the rest of your life.

If you're already a proud nerdette, you probably already have some strong ideas about what you might want in a science fiction dress. For the rest of you, we have some pointers.

First, you must choose your alliance.

One of the most important things to decide is whether you're more of a Star Wars or a Star Trek kind of couple. You can like both, but when the chips are down, almost every nerd has a strong preference.

If you're in the Star Wars camp, you're in girly-girl luck - Princess Leia wears some stunning dresses, and tends to favor white. The one she wears through most of the original Star Wars (which is, confusingly, the one called Episode IV: A New Hope - just relax and go with it) is beautifully draped. It has a high neck and extremely demure lines, but is soft and flowing enough to hint intriguingly at her figure. And, yes, you can accessorize with side hair buns and a delicately feminine blaster. If you'd like to show a little more skin and go with a hairdo that's authentic but doesn't bring pastries to mind, try Leia's dress from the awards ceremony at the end - it's a white and gold goddessy number that would turn heads even if you weren't walking down the aisle under rows of crossed lightsabers.

When you bring up Leia-inspired dresses with your groom, don't be surprised if he mentions another outfit for your honeymoon: the metal bikini she wears in Return of the Jedi. If you can find one, give it a go - you'll look stunning, and your groom will officially be the Luckiest Dork in the Galaxy.

Padme and Amidala also wear nice gowns that could possibly be dresses, but these appear in The Trilogy of Which We Do Not Speak. If your groom mentions theming around these later Star Wars installments, you may want to give your relationship some more thought. Unless he suggests you both paint your faces in red and black stripes and go as Sith lords. That would be totally worth it.

If you are a Star Trek couple, you have a huge variety to work with - both in species and in incarnations of Trek itself. If you go with the original Kirk-and-Spock series, you get to wear a fun mod mini dress with high boots, assuming you're crew. Pile your hair up high and wear an Uhara-style earpiece for extra bonus points. You can also go mod as an original Trek alien babe, or your can also go flowy and ethereal, with hippy-dippy colors. For authenticity, expose an odd bit of your body - for example, a cutout above (but not revealing) your navel, and consider dyeing your skin green.

If you decide to go Next Generation, Voyager, or Deep Space Nine, your options multiply faster than an armful of Tribbles. Uniforms for female crew members are a little more demure in these Trek incarnations, but wearing your Starfleet Formal Dress Uniform is certainly appropriate for such an occasion.

There are other human dresses worn during the various series, but as long as you've come this far, why not go alien?

Though Vulcans are cool, we strongly advise against a Vulcan wedding due to the unfortunate symbolism; Vulcans don't feel emotions and only have sex once every seven years. Save Vulcan Fun Time for volatile family dinners or the workplace. [via]
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The Sci-Fi Wedding Dress - No One Will Ever Forget Your Wedding
The Sci-Fi Wedding Dress - No One Will Ever Forget Your Wedding
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