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This upcoming prom season is all about color, runway trends, and the ultimate red carpet style. From the trendy, shorter dresses to the jaw-dropping long prom gowns, we have compiled some of the top prom dresses of 2011. Keep an eye out for these trends that will be the primary focus of the prom spotlight in the spring.

Bright Colors
This season will feature bright hues like green, teal, fuchsia, and yellow on the hottest designer dresses. Bold and beautiful colors will grace the ambiance of the catwalk with fun, flair, and eye-catching appeal. Opt for colors that are complimentary to your skin tone. Warm tones like yellow, coral, and pink are great for enhancing a natural tan while cool tones tend to be flattering on peach undertones.

2011..Prom Gown

The 'pop of color' trend is also making its way into the latest fashion media coverage. A classic black or neutral dress accented with, for instance, red accessories looks fabulous and very classy at the same time.

Metallic shades like copper, gold, and gun metal silver are some of the most popular for evening dresses at the moment. If you are not afraid to take risks and stand out, wear a metallic-colored gown with subtle accessories. Your futuristically modern outfit will definitely be a hit!

Vintage Styles
In the fashion world, one of the most frequently used words of the industry as of late is vintage. Vintage dresses are some of the hottest items of the season, whether they are actual consignment items or simply vintage-inspired. Designers across the globe have been using the vintage theme as an inspiration source while creating their latest masterpieces.

Now, many of the top prom dress styles for 2011 are featuring the vintage theme. With elements like lace, corsets, and A-line structures, vintage-inspired evening gowns make some of the most stunning prom dresses.

Asymmetrical Garments
From the prominent one-shoulder trend to the fashionably fabulous asymmetrical hem line, asymmetrical styles are a new but reoccurring pattern this year. This new trend is what we call a statement dress, breaking the mold of what constitutes a traditional gown and setting it's own standards.

Demure 2011 Prom Gown

The Mermaid Silhouette
The mermaid dress combines a sleek and sexy fit with a flattering classic strapless dress for the ultimate bombshell style. This silhouette provides a tailored fit throughout put flares out from the knee towards the bottom, resulting in a mermaid-like dress form. Look for this style if you want a sexy, feminine look and a curve-enhancing fit.

Open Back Styles
For the sexiest prom look, browse through a selection of open back formal dress styles and find one that flatters you best. This style is a timeless, jaw-dropping trend that will ensure the crowd's attention on your big day.

Regardless of the dress style you choose, remember to wear accessories that will compliment the dress and enhance its best features. Pair that with knockout shoes and a cute clutch or evening bag, and you are ready to get in your limousine! [via]
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Prom Dress 2011 - Top Design
Prom Dress 2011 - Top Design
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