Pick The Wedding Day !


After the big moment of the engagement, it suddenly hit us that we were planning one of the most important days of our life. NO PRESSURE!

The first point of business was picking the date. Something that Joe and I had to step back and do was stop listening to when other people wanted our wedding to be. So we went home sat down and thought: When do WE want to get married?

Our idea of how to narrow down the date was first just pick the season we wanted. We both decided we really liked the fall. I liked all the colors of the leaves, and the Big Guy was a huge fan that it wasn’t going to be so
hot outside.

So now that we eliminated all the other months, we had to figure out what would be a realistic time frame of how far in advance to plan. We got engaged in November, so we went for exactly 1 year out the maximum.

Then started thinking about who we would want to be involved in the wedding and what would be a realistic time frame that they could all hopefully be there, knowing good and well that everyone won’t always be able to make it. We knew that Joe’s sister (who’s in the wedding) plays a college sport, so we would need to work around her game schedule.


Since we were both involved in college sports, we understand the hectic schedules. Then we decided on the perfect time for us: Thanksgiving weekend. Of course we had the family members that wondered, “Why on earth are you doing it then?” We just had to not listen and go with our gut and remember that most everyone we know celebrates Thanksgiving on Thursday and then doesn’t work on that Friday, which would be beneficial for traveling. Since Joe is not from this area, we needed to make it easier for his family to travel.

The stress of picking the date is over!

My advice for everyone else out there: Pick your favorite weekend!

— Laura Weber
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Pick The Wedding Day !
Pick The Wedding Day !
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