It is a race for the lace this summer

I know that laces are associated more with our un-mentionable garments that have their fate in the drawers. But the latest summer trends 2010 dare you to get all laced up. If you can move with it, it is good, but if you cannot, you must learn to live like Lady Gaga. Lace has more potential than just a lingerie-like look. Pretty and cute laces can be attached with you favorite summer outfits to make them look wanted by any girl. A light and airy garment this summer with a lace is all what a girl can ask for to look simply beautiful.

Laces are simple and fun to add to your favorite piece of clothing. You can create a sexy look that signals simplicity and openness. Make your own dress to speak for you by smartly making use of a lace. The best part of a lace is that it is cheap to introduce in your wardrobe. Bits of laces on your shoulder straps, or in front around the buttons of your shirt and around the neck of your favorite chiffon top, laces can be put anywhere to make you look totally different from all others.

Trying a different look on your ruffled chiffon dress with laces at strategic places that give it a free-flowing look, which can give you more than you can ask for. A mini skirt with laces at its hem in contrasting colors is a complete look in itself, you can team it up with a halter top in the color of your lace. The key to a lacey look for fashion is to play with the laces as much as you can. Go for different textures, colors and sizes for different looks.

Some may find it kinky, but the fashion demands an all lacy look this season that touches your toes too. Yes, a lacey sandal- with or without heels look enticingly hot this season. Lace leggings in different patterns are selling like hot cakes. Make a different look by blending it with same colored short dress in an A-line. Floral prints with contrasting laces will look amazing with a short pleated skirt or you denim jeans.

An all lace style accentuates the vintage appeal in you. When you are in white, try soft and subtle colored laces, when it’s the turn of the black color, create a more scandalous look with a deep red lace on your satin party dress.
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It is a race for the lace this summer
It is a race for the lace this summer
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