"Bridal Gown" - 8 Tips to Follow

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What people are familiar with is to buy bridal gowns from a retail store, where you can select from a lot of ready made gowns with everything set for you except for a little alteration if needed. But it becomes more and more popular nowadays to customize from online wedding stores. Therefore, what should we do when we order custom-made gowns?

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Every one maybe has a dream dress in mind, but it seems a little difficult to convert that to the seller. The most important is that if we can not specified exactly and professionally we can not control the quality. Following is a few tips to follow:

1. Send dress pictures to the seller. They will get an general idea about what you what.

2. Ask for a color swatch. If the actual color swatch takes too much time to delivery, ask for a photo of it. You can still see which colors are available to you.

3. Specify the fabric you want:

*If it is satin, ask for Taiwan-imported 395 satin. This satin is thick, shining and the most suitable for satin bridal gowns.

*If it is chiffon, the best choice is 120D chiffon, which is relatively thicker, smooth and considered to be the most suitable.

*If it is taffeta, you can consider NT or EY, which is good quality.

*If it is charmeuse, ask for stretch charmeuse. Stretch charmeuse has dramatic stretching ability, which make the dress nice to feel, comfortable to wear and good at hugging your body.

4. Specify the beading. seeds, bugles and multi-faceted crystals are necessarily mixed together to make a glitter gown. Colors are various. However, as to bridal gown, the usual colors are silver, cream and transparent. Tell the seller beading should be firm and not be loose.

5. Specify the lace. The lace appliques should be symmetrical, flat and not turnup. Various colors are available. Usually all lace patches will need beading on it.

6. If you do not like lace, you can ask the seller to do embroidery for you. Various colors are available also. Sometimes the color contrast between embroidery and main fabric create dramatic effect. Embroidery will need beading on it too.

7. Gown should be fully lined. surface fabric and lining should be sewn together at hemline. This makes a higher-grade effect.

8. Usually 8 or 10 fish bones are needed for the bodice. However, if your figure is relatively larger, more fish bones are needed. Properly, there should one fish bone every 3 centimetres.
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"Bridal Gown" - 8 Tips to Follow
"Bridal Gown" - 8 Tips to Follow
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