Give Your Toes a Peep As You Walk Down the Aisle


As you've doubtless noticed, peep-toe shoes are all the rage for 2009. There's no reason your bride's shoes shouldn't be part of the fun. Peep-toes look lovely on any size foot, and with a well-chosen heel they can even add a little height and improve your posture.

Peep-toes, as you've guessed from the name, aren't a fully open-toed shoe. They gap just enough to give a glimpse of your foot, in sophisticated styles ranging from quietly flirty to full-on vamp. Since they only hint at the foot instead of showing the full toe line, they can be demure enough to wear at a formal occasion like... oh... your wedding.

Peep-toed bridal shoes are a nice way to add a chic, womanly touch to a demure wedding ensemble. Put your bridesmaids in a slightly racier design and they'll have a great time vavooming their way around the dance floor at the reception.

Peep-toes are versatile (and so sexy) that they keep coming back into fashion every couple of decades. You can see them on Garbo and other screen sirens in movie classics of the 1930's, but that was only the beginning. The peep-toe most people are familiar with has a superhigh heel for a 50's pinup look, but you'll also found 80's stylings and an incredible range of new takes on this sultry classic. You can find funky peep-toe wedge heels, stacked heels, platforms, flats, chunky modern heels, and even ankle boots.

Visible stockings with peep-toes used to be a high crime of fashion, but modern women have turned that rule on its head. Now opaque stockings or even colored tights peeking through your peep-toes are the height of fashion. If you'd like to wear stockings with your bridal peep-toes, you may want to go with a lace stocking. Winter brides, don't despair - tights in the same shade as your shoes are a great choice. If you're feeling bold, go with a dark, contrasting color for a striking effect. If you have a more casual wedding and feel like toying with an 80's look, you can ride the cutting edge of retro-peep fashion by pairing your bridal heels with some lacy ankle socks.

Or just find a pair you can't resist and work from there. If you're feeling drop-dead gorgeous (and are reasonably sure you'll still be able to walk, stand, and dance in them), it'll be tough to go wrong. You'll look fashionable, feminine, and lovely - not to mention giving your groom a little something to think about. Your wedding peep-toes are the perfect way to hint that the sweet little bride walking down the aisle still has a touch of vixen in her.
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Give Your Toes a Peep As You Walk Down the Aisle
Give Your Toes a Peep As You Walk Down the Aisle
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