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Fall is a perfect time for a wedding. September and early October are still warm and bright with green leaves and late October and November offer comfortably cool weather and a palette of rich tones. In fact, the fall hosts the highest percentage of wedding, probably because the perfect weather allows for just about any style dress.

Strapless, halter, cotton, silk, or long sleeved, you will have a variety to choose from for a fall wedding dress. Because the weather ranges in temperatures, you want to pick a dress that will work for any weather, duchess satin, organza, and raw silk are popular choices. If you aren't sure if your dress will be warm enough add a wrap or a lightweight duster, many designers have a line of cover-ups that coordinate with their gowns. A wrap or wedding jacket is a great way to work some of the fall colors into your gown. Have your outer wear embroidered with some reds, oranges, and gold. You can also add some fall color to the bodice of your dress; have a light amber thread included in the embroidery or rhinestones added and it will be just a hint of the fall tone.

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A strapless neckline is probably the most popular for wedding dresses these days. Whether your fall has summerlike temperature or is cool and crisp, a strapless dress is timeless and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor weddings. If you are getting married in the early fall and the weather is warm, you may want to wear a tea-length gown and embrace those last warm days.

Getting married in the fall months makes for a beautifully colored ceremony. Whether you wear a short dress or a floor length gown, your options for the fall are pretty much limitless.
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Fall Wedding Dress,,,
Fall Wedding Dress,,,
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