Christina Hendricks Stashes $850K Jewels in Her Cleavage


On Golden Globes night, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks dazzled on the red carpet with two diamond bracelets by Chopard—until one went missing. Christina was wearing a "49-carat emerald and Marquise-cut diamond bracelet set in platinum, and a 124-carat, pear-cut and fancy-shape diamond bracelet set in platinum." Somewhere between the start of the red carpet and the event proper, the clasp of the 124-carat bracelet loosened and it fell off.

Panic mode set in, but luckily the sneaky jewelry was recovered by an honest event worker. Christina wasn't about to risk losing the pesky piece again, so she stashed it in a safe place until she could pass it off to her publicist. The safe place was, to one usher's surprise, her cleavage. Page Six reports:
Security blocked her as she tried to leave the auditorium, as no one is allowed in or out once the show starts. She begged, 'Please let me out, I have to give my diamond bracelet to my publicist!' The guard watched wide-eyed as Hendricks pulled the bracelet out from her ample cleavage. He opened the door a crack and she passed the jewels through to her publicist outside.

For $850K, you'd think the clasp would be unbreakable—just sayin'. Kudos to the event worker for being such a nice person, lesser people would have taken the jewels and run! [via]
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Christina Hendricks Stashes $850K Jewels in Her Cleavage
Christina Hendricks Stashes $850K Jewels in Her Cleavage
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