Bridesmaid Gown | Vintage Bridesmaid Gown Ideas


All brides want to be special and unique on their big day. One of the key features of the wedding is her gown, and vintage gowns are an excellent choice. They are unique and holds special significance especially if the gown had belonged to a family member.

If you are planning on a vintage theme, then your bridesmaids should also have their own vintage gowns to complement yours. However, the bridesmaids' gowns have to go well with the bride's gown, and finding multiple vintage gowns of the same style can be difficult.


To find suitable gowns, the bride should preferably select her bridesmaids'' together with her own. It is easier to find similar vintage styles at the same store and of course, having them modified by the same dressmaker is ideal for matching styles.

For both the bride and her bridesmaids should be chosen from the same era for the best effect. If the bride is wearing from a different era, she might stand out from among her bridesmaids, but the reverse can be true. And more importantly, the gowns should be complementary, not contrasting!

However it may not be possible to find enough gowns for all your bridesmaids. Even if you can find enough gowns, not all of them may be properly sized to fit your bridesmaids. It is necessary to amend the gowns for a better fit since most gowns are tailored to fit a different owner. But if the dress size differs too much from the required fit of the wearer, no amount of amendment can help.

Pretty Chic Vintage Bridesmaid Gowns

In this case, it may still be possible to hold a vintage themed . The bride can wear an actual vintage dress, while her bridesmaids wear newly made vintage-style gowns for the occasion.

To complete the look, try on accessories from the particular era. Matching accessories between the bride and her bridesmaids will enhance their solidarity. Don't worry about conforming to the design, be adventurous and refresh your gowns with some modern ideas for the best results.
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Bridesmaid Gown | Vintage Bridesmaid Gown Ideas
Bridesmaid Gown | Vintage Bridesmaid Gown Ideas
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