"Short Bridal Gown"

Whimsical' Short Wedding Gown

Traditional gowns are still the reigning queens of the wedding world, but the up-and-coming princess is the short gown. They're still a very small feature of most bridal designer showings, but they are making an impact in the spring and summer collections. Do you think you have what it takes to pull off a short gown?

When I say short, I mean short. They can range anywhere from knee length to mid-thigh and even a few inches higher depending on the designer. Of course, tasteful attire is a matter of opinion, but I'm not sure how comfortable many women would feel standing up in front of an audience, all eyes on them, wearing a gown that just barely covers their nether regions. Then again, there may be a legion of women dying to wear just such a gown.

Mini Wedding Gown Hottest Ruffles

Coming in a range of styles from super simple with no details, just straight cuts and a flattering silhouette to going all the way in full on walking art with stylish hem lines and layers of material that create quite the voluminous effect. Whichever way you choose to style it, the short dress will definitely be an eye catcher.

A big bonus for the frugal bride, less material may equal a smaller price tag. Keep within budget and be the most unforgettable bride in a dress that most guests are sure to have never seen on another bride before. Take that same money-saving mini dress find and if it doesn't scream bride at first sight, reuse it for other formal events and parties. If none of your wedding guests share your party circles, you are free to get as much use out of your dress as you see fit. Who would possibly guess it is a dress, anyway?

If showing off a stellar set of legs sounds more than appealing on your big day, then do not forget to try on every short dress you come by. Make everyone's head whip as you saunter down the aisle in a rule breaking mini. You are sure to get a response no matter what style of short dress you go for.
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"Short Bridal Gown"
"Short Bridal Gown"
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