Affordable Wedding Gowns That Look Like You Spent Thousands

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Let's face it, is there any bride to be that doesn't want to save money?

With the average cost of a wedding pushing the $30,000 mark, you have to budget for everything these days.

But, does buying an affordable gown mean that you have to skimp on the quality? The answer is "absolutely not!" But as with anything else, you must be careful where you get that very cheap gown, because some of these sellers are very unscrupulous. But before we get to the best ways to identify a legitimate discount company, you need to understand why there is such a high mark-up on gowns to begin with.

First of all, the key to getting very cheap gowns is to find a reputable company that eliminates the middleman between the manufacturer and the bridal shop. If you can get your dress direct from the manufacturer you literally save thousands!

When you find a company like this, you will not pay over $1,000 for the same gown, but usually under $500. Not only that, but these reputable companies will make your gown custom for you at the time that you order it. The best, inexpensive wedding gown dealers will still do the embroidery, beading and detail work by it should be. They will also only use 1st quality fabrics and embellishments.

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Generally speaking, you will find these wholesalers online as this saves tremendous overhead. The one thing that you absolutely must check on is their refund policy. Since wedding dresses can not be "returned for a refund", (for the longest time that was the biggest scam, brides would wear them and then return them!) does the company that you are dealing with allow exchanges if the dress doesn't fit or you don't like it? Check this carefully.

Once you find a reputable company, check out their accessories too. The mark ups on things like veils, tiaras and other wedding extras in a bridal shop is outrageous. Many times you can get a designer quality dress with all of the accessories for right around $500! Now that is an affordable Gown that any bride could live with.

exciting ivory wedding gown

In other words, just because you want an affordable gown does not mean that you are stuck with a cheap looking, out of date styled dress for your big day.

In fact, smart and savvy brides should buy direct because they get the best of both worlds, a designer quality gown at an amazing low price. Now you can take that. [via]
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Affordable Wedding Gowns That Look Like You Spent Thousands
Affordable Wedding Gowns That Look Like You Spent Thousands
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