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Young girls often dream of their weddings as potentially the most romantic days of their lives. After all, this is the day that you're getting married! However, romantic weddings don't magically happen all by themselves. They take a little advance planning. If you want your dreams of romance to come true on your wedding day, choosing a romantic setting is one of the first steps. Weddings Virtually any setting can become romantic when the wedding is held at sunset or sunrise.

Whether the sun is rising or setting, the colorful, dramatic sky provides a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding vows. Consider a sunset wedding at locations such as the beach, the lake, a golf course, a mountain meadow, a historic mansion, or a park. As the sun sets and your groom kisses you for the first time as your husband, the sparks are sure to fly! Plus, the night ahead promises a fun-filled reception and a wedding night never to forget.

Sunrise weddings are equally stunning, with the dawn breaking and a full day of festivities ahead. Logistically, sunrise weddings are harder to pull off than sunset weddings as guests may be reluctant to wake up in the middle of the night in order to get to your wedding on time. However, if you're planning an intimate wedding with a handful of guests or a destination wedding where all guests are onsite anyway, a sunrise wedding is an extremely romantic choice.

Beach weddings are undeniably among the most romantic weddings ever. There's something magical about the sand between your toes, the wind in your hair, the waves lapping just steps away, and nothing but salty air between you and your mate. If you're planning on getting married at the beach, you'll need to carefully plan your nuptials.

For example, you may need a permit to get married by the waves. In addition, unless there's a grassy area nearby, your guests will likely need to gather around you, standing rather than sitting. Attire is another concern with shoes and long, flowing bridal gowns most likely out of the question.

While beach weddings are a natural for couples who live in coastal states, inland couples don't necessarily have to head to the shore in order to get married on the beach. For example, lakes and rivers are also romantic.

Beach weddings are ideal for couples who want a truly intimate wedding close to nature. Couples with larger guest lists and more formal plans aren't necessarily left out as many seaside resorts offer gorgeous beachfront settings along with suitable facilities nearby for the comfort of your guests.

What's more romantic than getting married by a ship's captain at sea? Boat weddings allow you to exchange your wedding vows on the water while also providing a floating venue for the wedding festivities. Charter a private yacht and head for open waters such as lakes, rivers, or bays. Many charter boats specialize in romantic weddings with catering, music and dancing, and other amenities available.

In fact, your captain may even be licensed to officiate! Possible boat weddings include: private yachts, historic riverboats, small cruise liners, ocean cruise liners, and tall ships. Depending on where you plan on getting married, it may be possible to get married aboard moored historic ships such as on ships housed at maritime museums or old aircraft carriers.

Mountaintop weddings feature yet another stunning backdrop that keeps you close to nature while also providing sheer romance. If you live in a state such as Colorado or California, the mountains are a natural choice. Not only are they relatively accessible, you'll find suitable venues such as ski lodges and hotels nearby. For outdoor mountaintop weddings, you may need a permit.

But what if you live in a state with few mountains? For example, if you live in Florida, you won't find many mountains and those that you do find may only rise a few feet above sea level such as Fort Lauderdale's Melaleuca Head which tops out at 7 feet above sea level. In fact, Florida's highest peak, Britton Hill, rises 344 feet above sea level. Whether you're getting married in the Rockies or a top a small knoll, the beauty of the outdoors will warm your heart while the rest of your romantic day takes your breath away.

Other venues for romantic weddings include historic mansions, stone lodges, castles, gardens, and even museums. Venues such as these lend themselves to intimacy and romance. You may feel as if you are experience a storybook wedding when the building or grounds surrounding you are romantic and hushed. Add romantic touches such as lighting, candles, and flowers and prepare to get swept off your feet.

While sunsets, beaches, yachts, and mountaintops are undeniably romantic, romance is often a state of mind. Create an intimate wedding at virtually any location by making romance a priority. As you plan your romantic wedding, you'll want to pay attention to the details and perhaps go for simplicity over the lavish. It's equally important not to get too wrapped up in the details as expecting perfection and over-planning is both disappointing and stressful. Instead, enjoy the process, keep your sense of humor, and keep your perspective. So what if the ice sculpture looks more like a frog than a swan? You've got your Prince Charming and he's standing right there, ready to venture with you into Happily Ever After. Now that's romantic!

By choosing a romantic setting and prioritizing romance without losing your perspective, you will indeed have the most romantic wedding ever imagined.
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"Romantic Wedding Gown"
"Romantic Wedding Gown"
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