Customizing Wedding Gowns


Sometimes it seems like you search forever for your dream wedding gown, and still can't find the one that has everything that you want. Did you know that you can often customize it to make it perfect just for you? It is a great way to get everything that you are looking for, and to have some fun making it more unique at the same time.

For some brides, the stumbling block along the road to the perfect fit. You may not know that gowns can often be custom ordered with special measurements. For example, if you are a tall bride, don't think that you will have to wear flat shoes or risk your dress being too short. If you order extra length on your dress, you can wear those sky high stilettos. And busty brides need not worry about falling out ; you can raise a neckline or order a custom cut on the bodice of many dresses.

A very common situation is that a bride will fall in love with the top of one dress and the skirt of another. This happens all the time, and often there is a solution to this dilemma. If the gowns are from the same designer, sometimes they will allow you to order a one of a kind dress using the bodice from one gown combined with the skirt from another. And if all else fails, you can always choose to have your gown custom made by a seamstress so that you can get the exact details that you love together. Just be sure to choose a seamstress who specializes because they are far too complicated for an average tailor.


Another thing that brides are often faced with is falling in love with a gown that is too fancy for their wedding. This happens a lot when it comes to beach weddings in particular. Don't think that you have to walk away that you love because it seems too formal; first check and see what can be done to make it more casual. You would be amazed at the difference it can make to remove the petticoat from a dress and let the skirt fall more softly. Also, sometimes it is possible to order a gown with less beading, or even to switch out a dressier fabric like satin for a less formal material like shantung. It is always worth asking.

Some brides are faced with just the opposite problem: they love the fabric and fit of a wedding gown, but think that it is too plain. The good news is that there are many creative ways to add more detail to a dress that you love. For instance, if you have chosen gown that has lace, but no beading, you can add instant glamour by embellishing it with crystals or pearls to match the details of your bridal jewelry. One bride that I knew adored the fit of a very simple silk satin strapless gown, but was very into sparkle. In addition to wearing a dazzling crystal tiara and lots of Swarovksi bridal jewelry, she added a row of crystals to the waist and sash tails of her gown. The extra sparkle transformed a very nice wedding gown into her dream dress.

There are many ways to customize , so always keep an open mind when you are shopping for your dress. With a creative and talented seamstress, you can do so many things to alter the fit or details of a gown. You can take the almost-perfect one and make it picture perfect for your big day.
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Customizing Wedding Gowns
Customizing Wedding Gowns
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